Hey everyone! So, I just got back from the Michigan Open at Crystal Mountain, and I must say I learned a lot. I had two great rounds and then couldn’t finish it off today for my final round. It’s tough to be so close and not finish how you expect yourself to, but that’s golf. Everyone goes through it. I have 2 weeks off now before my next LPGA qualifier to work very hard on my swing and get it back to where it needs to be. Rather than being disappointed in letting my final round go, I am staying very positive. It’s all about the process, and I see many good improvements in my game that I didn’t have before. The cool thing about turning pro is how much you learn right off the start. It’s all a learning experience. You have to accept that it’s OKAY to make mistakes in the beginning. If you don’t make them now, you won’t ever learn. Once you learn, you won’t make them again when it really counts. You get mentally tougher EVERY round you play and every setback you have. I’m already seeing that from tournament to tournament. Ask anyone who made it how they got there…it was never by giving up. Not one professional golfer on tour today has finished top 10 in every event they’ve ever played in. That’s how they learned and got better. Next time, I’ll be able to put all three rounds together. I’m excited to have this little break to make some huge improvements in my swing and get it back to where it needs to be! Thanks for following me and supporting my journey 🙂


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